Jan 18, 2021

Ron, Nancy, and Mark Were Hired to Retire!

Pazmac wishes three core team members happy, healthy retirements after a collective 89 years of employment.

Pazmac is pleased to begin 2021 with an exciting announcement: as of December 2020, three of Pazmac’s core team members have begun their planned retirements! The entire Pazmac team offers our sincere congratulations to Nancy Greczmiel, Mark Wardell, and Ron Wallace on their achievements during their collective 89 years with Pazmac. We mark this milestone with gratitude for everything Nancy, Mark, and Ron brought to Pazmac over the course of their careers. We’re saddened to let go of these valued members of our team, but are thrilled to see them move on to the exciting things retirement has to offer.

Nancy Greczmiel joined Pazmac in 1983 as the team’s Office Manager and Accountant before moving into the role from which she retired as our Technical Sales Coordinator. Over the course of 38 years, Nancy proved herself the heart of Pazmac, undertaking with care the many administrative demands of keeping Pazmac running smoothly. But Nancy brought more to the team than technical know-how; Nancy was responsible for planning every Christmas party, and for procuring birthday cakes for every single team member, every single year. These uplifting occasions never failed to remind us of the strength and talent of our team, and we will always be thankful for Nancy’s commitment to making everyone smile, even during our busiest seasons. As Nancy takes on her most exciting project yet—tackling a well deserved retirement—we wish her happiness and health in all of her endeavours. Whether Nancy is travelling or working hard building her new home in Grand Forks, Pazmac will always remain her “second family.” Thank you for everything, Nancy.

Mark Wardell joined Pazmac in 1985 as a welder and fabricator, and achieved many remarkable goals while part of the Pazmac team. In those 35 years, Mark continually demonstrated his talent as an exceptionally capable and well rounded craftsman. In 1989, Pazmac was glad to support Mark as he obtained his Red Seal in machining—training and credentials he put to excellent use over the next few decades in the shop. He spent time in both conventional and CNC machining, giving him the expansive expertise Pazmac so highly values. Mark also shared his hard earned knowledge freely, and his ability to teach and coach Pazmac’s apprentices was unmatched. Mark’s thoughtful nature and exacting skill also made him a perfect fit for Pazmac’s Quality Assurance Department, which he joined in 2005 as an Inspector. During his time with Pazmac, Mark was an invaluable member of our team, and we will miss his calm presence on the shop floor. We wish Mark many sunny days on the green and long afternoons spent working on his hot rods. Congratulations, Mark.

Ron Wallace worked with Pazmac for 17 years in our Quality Assurance Department as the team Manager. At 17 years on the team, he’s the ‘greenest’ retiree of this bunch, but in those 17 years, Ron demonstrated his skill and commitment to our team every day. Ron brought a contagious sense of humour to his work, and this levity will be dearly missed. Ron’s legacy at Pazmac is impressive, and includes facilitating the implementation of our Gas Nitriding and Laser Overlay Systems, projects which required Ron’s precise and pragmatic eye and which now allow Pazmac to serve our customers better. Beyond these system setups, Ron poured his energy into driving our program of excellence with our Quality Department, and his presence was felt—and will continue to be felt—as we move forward. We wish Ron many new, exciting adventures and travels in his retirement, and will sincerely miss working alongside him. Thank you, Ron.

“At Pazmac, we have always sought to ‘hire to retire,’ and I am so pleased to congratulate Nancy, Ron, and Mark on their many successes, and the legacy they leave behind at Pazmac,” says Tim Walls, President and General Manager of Pazmac. “Working with these three committed, talented folks over the last few decades has been an embarrassment of riches, and it is bittersweet to say goodbye. But I wish them many happy years of adventure and excitement in retirement.”

There are too many stories to share about Nancy, Ron, and Mark but suffice to say we are very grateful for everything these three brought to Pazmac. Thank you, good luck, and congratulations, retirees!

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