Nov 24, 2020

The Benefits of Pazmac’s Turnkey Castings Services

Benefits_of_Pazmac_Castings_Services_Kinetics_Yoke.jpgWhen selecting a casting supplier, there are critical aspects to consider with every potential foundry. Over the last 25 years, Pazmac has developed our own vertical supply chains to prevent issues from arising for our customers. “Pazmac has significant experience in the manufacturing world that specifically pertains to castings,” says Stacey Saumure, Pazmac’s VP of Operations & Procurement. “From our own expertise to our ability to qualify suppliers, Pazmac’s casting supply chain consolidation is central to our turnkey offerings to our customers.” Such an approach ensures best delivered value for our customers.

The Importance of Qualifying Casting Suppliers

Selecting a qualified casting supplier can be difficult. The supplier needs to have a robust portfolio of successful projects that illustrate experience that is relevant to the client’s product requirements. Because start up timelines and upfront costs can be expensive, choosing the wrong provider can not only sink funds into useless product, it can set back your own production timelines significantly. For this reason, Pazmac has developed a very “hands on” collaborative approach to all supplier development. The goal of this approach is to build and maintain relationships with casting suppliers that our team, and by extension our customers, trust. The effects of these relationships compound, and ultimately, they save Pazmac’s customers money.

Pazmac has long prided itself on our ability to “bridge the gap,” so to speak, between manufacturers and engineers. For our customers, this service has an immediate and lasting impact: rather than managing the casting supply chain on your own, Pazmac is not only able to manage the entire production process—we’re also able to advise and mitigate issues in production, giving our customers one less thing to worry about. “This is a service we feel really sets us apart,” says Saumure. “We work directly with the casting supplier so our customers don’t have to.”

Total Supply Scope Management by Pazmac

Pazmac is well suited to qualify casting suppliers and advise on the structural aspects of production because our team is so well versed in the processes of casting. Our shop is designed to offer a well-rounded, holistic approach to manufacturing, which means we’re able to work with a wide variety of new and challenging materials. (This extends to our expertise in multi-axis CNC machining, by the way, which you can read about here.) Our shop and expertise allows us to work with a variety of metal types, including, but not limited to, aluminum casting and ductile iron casting, and high chrome white iron casting.

Pazmac rounds out its casting expertise by offering finishing and CNC machining in house. “Right now, Pazmac is working on a very challenging, complex component,” says Saumure. “The requirements call for a ductile iron casting, but also include critical internal features which require extensive tight tolerance CNC machining as well as specialized, localized heat treatment.”

This specific component also requires the creation of “cores,” making cavities within the casting. But the use of cores invites instances of outgassing in castings, which can cause porosity that is not always evident until later machining exposes resulting voids. Porosity, especially in a stronger material like ductile iron, can lead to the failure of the piece—so it’s crucial to correct these issues. But by hosting this work in-house, Pazmac is able to communicate with casting suppliers every step of the way, offering knowledge and industry-specific, purpose-built expertise on the manufacturing process.

This strategy saves both time and money. “Our collaborative approach is intended to shorten the path to delivery for the customer,” continues Saumure, “which works because we can identify and address technical problems earlier in the process, and directly.”

The Best Casting Supply Chain is a Simple One

“There is a lot that can go wrong in casting if you’re not careful, but in taking this collaborative stance we’re able to catch and address many issues, using strategies like heat lot traceability, void detection, and taking the time to ensure top shelf casting prep,” Saumure says. “With each job, we find the best outcome is consistently yielded when we’re able to furnish the entire scope of supply.” In partnering with Pazmac, our customers can expect to be informed but stress free, and to receive an end product component made precisely to specification. This freedom from the burden of managing every aspect of the casting supply chain is what makes our turnkey approach so successful.

If your company has casting needs—no matter how complicated—please give us a call. We’d be happy to take this project off of your plate.

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