Sep 27, 2016

Wear Matters

Whether your company is an OEM or a Vendor, when a part fails your reputation is on the line.

Your failure analysis will usually identify one or two of the following conditions as root cause for failure:

1. Excessive surface wear

2. Fracture due to impact

3. Corrosion

Fatigue failures almost always begin at the surface of a material. The reasons are:

1. The most highly stressed fibers are located at the surface (Bending Fatigue)

2. The inter granular flaws which precipitate tension failure are more frequently found at the surface

As metallurgical wear specialists, Pazmac will work with you to provide effective solutions to prolong the life or your critical components. Using the latest in CNC Machining technology, Robotically applied Laser Cladding, Gas Nitriding, shot pene, burnishing and other wear specific processes, we have cost effective in house processes to enhance the reliability of your parts.

Perhaps your solution lies with improved impact resistance using different parent material, along with an application of customized laser cladding to improve surface wear. Perhaps better machined surface finishes coupled with gas nitriding is a potential solution. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above that solves the problem.

Please contact us with your wear issues and we’ll happily help you explore ways to improve part longevity, reduce costs and save your reputation!


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