Dec 11, 2018

Update December 2018


Following a two year recession in the energy sector, Pazmac is pleased to be fully immersed in recovery. We have been busy in 2018 with a robust recruitment campaign and are now enjoying full resource utilization throughout the organization. Every day is filled with satisfaction, as we walk the shop floor and see green lights on every machine. From our well-equipped Mill-Turn department to the live tool lathe cell, CNC mill area and EDM’s; equipment is running and highly skilled machinists are putting their red seal training to the test. In concert with our CNC machining capabilities, our Laser Clad department is in full production and the gas nitride vessel is running multiple loads each week to meet demand.

Along with the energy sector, Pazmac continues to serve the Aerospace, Forestry, Hi-tech, Military and Transportation industries. We feel very optimistic with an unprecedented order backlog and bullish outlook on the future in all sectors. Pazmac’s Ownership and Management feel emboldened that not only have we conquered the challenges of the downturn, we are also bullish with the progress we have made in all departments of the enterprise.

As business improves we are tasked with delivering more for our customers and we are focused on providing maximum value in every element of supply. With the use of meaningful analytics and discussions with our customers, Pazmac helps identify opportunities to improve efficiency with the goal of delivering more with less. That translates to more available machine hours for our customers and an assurance they received the right product when they need it. Our aim is to set ourselves apart from the rest and emerge as not just an outstanding precision machine shop but a trusted manufacturing solutions provider.

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