Nov 13, 2019

Power Skiving at Pazmac!

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  • Pazmac dramatically increases internal gear/spline cutting capacity with Power Skiving.

We’re proud to announce that the conventional shaping process used to create internal splines or gears here at Pazmac has been augmented by a high speed methodology utilizing custom tooling on our multi-axis cnc machines, called power skiving. We’re excited because the power skiving method for gear cutting and production is highly efficient due to its continuous machining sequence, making it an effective alternative to broaching and gear shaping.

What is power skiving?

Power Skiving is a continuous fully synchronized, rotary cutting process -- the power skiving method uses specific cutters and very rigid, capable machines. It is considered a high-performance process because it allows for high cutting speeds and consistent finishes. This is made possible by the angled axis arrangement of tool and workpiece. While gear hobbing and shaping is based on gear trains and HSS tools, power skiving is based on today's latest CNC technology and carbide tooling. Power skiving can be applied to both internal and external gears and splines, but is especially productive when it comes to internal machining and internal gear cutting.

What are the advantages?

When comparing power skiving to traditional machining methods, there are several important advantages we like to highlight at Pazmac. Firstly, since power skiving makes it possible to machine the complete component in one multi-task machine or machining centre in one single set-up, the need of several specialized machines is effectively removed . This significantly reduces total production time in comparison to processes with broaching, shaping and hobbing, and it facilitates manageable and predictable delivery for our clients.

A second advantage of power skiving is the fact that both rough-machining and finish-machining can be done in one clamping operation. Including the turning process in the same clamping operation prevents re-clamping errors, and is an effective way to eliminate radial deviations.

And finally, power skiving also allows for custom gear cutting applications.

In summary: the advantages of Pazmac’s power skiving tools include improved cycle times, a reduction of delivery lead-times and reliably controlled costs. This new process is very stable, providing better finishes and repeatability. With its new power skiving capabilities, Pazmac remains one of the top gear cutting shops in Canada.

For more information on how power skiving can further develop your production, please reach out to any of Pazmac’s technical experts. We’d be happy to discuss this new innovation further.

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