Jun 15, 2016

Al Marlo retires after 42 years!


Allan was our first employee. Hired initially as a machine operator and welder, he willingly adapted and grew with the business. Under our Pazmac roof Allan became a ticketed welder, a Journeyman Machinist, an Industrial First Aid attendant, a Quality Inspector and even Santa Claus at our Christmas parties! Allan was our ombudsman of Pazmac culture. He could be counted on to play a trick on all new employees, all the while making sure the new hire was comfortable and welcome with no doubt as to who they could come to if they were ever in need of a hand. Allan's personal values were key in establishing our culture, and were a founding component of our shared values today.

Allan's last working day was January 14 of this year. We all miss Al but have heard first hand he’s really enjoying retirement and “sort of “ misses us! If you would like to find out more about our Pazmac team and our “Hire to Retire” culture, please call or send us an email.

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