Jun 15, 2016

Pazmac Shared Values


It was 19 years ago this past May 31 that we moved into our new custom designed factory, purpose built to maximize manufacturing efficiency and employee well being. We were so proud of the beautiful workplace we had created, and who we were as a culture. We were known in the industry as “the machine shop with the indoor swimming pool and gym”. With intention we had built a workplace that demanded the best from all of us, we had set our standards high. In return the new facility nurtured and encouraged us to have a healthier balance in our lives.

With gratitude for what we had achieved and a desire to sustain and improve as we grew, we worked at determining the “Family Values” we honored each day. We wanted to write them on the wall as a cultural framework for how we interact and who we are.

Our shared Values are:
Be honest
Mentor unselfishly
Be receptive to new ideas
Take personal risks for the organizations sake
Lavish trust on your associates
Give credit where it’s due
Do not touch dishonest dollars
Put the interests of others before your own

Have Fun

19 years later we filled in the pool and quadrupled the size of the fitness area. We’re still working hard in the gym and on the yoga mat. Our values are still important and on the wall. Our culture is as strong as our hearts, minds and bodies.

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