Pazmac is the next-level evolution of a machining manufacturer partner.

We’ve reimagined the space between machining and engineering to provide fresh manufacturing solutions of the highest quality imaginable. Over our 40+ years of dedicated client service, we’ve built our own niche: being the connectors between engineering designs and the manufacturing solutions to deliver turnkey products that exceed expectations.

Our mission is to help our clients’ businesses succeed, and we bring our specialized approach to partner in a wide range of sectors including energy, forestry, agriculture, semiconductor, robotics and the aerospace industry.

To achieve the highest possible product quality, accuracy is a top priority for everything we do — from precision CNC machined parts to advanced services such as heat treatment, laser cladding, laser hardfacing and gas nitriding. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 - 2015 certified, in order to maintain the highest standard of quality management.

We’re here to be your collaborative partner, drive your success, and uncover manufacturing solutions that may have otherwise gone unseen. Our in-house expertise makes us uniquely equipped to take on any machining manufacturing challenge...and we’d welcome the opportunity to prove it.

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Laser cladding provides a complete metallurgical bond and offers excellent wear resistance for both internal and external wear surfaces. Our advanced robotics direct diode laser system can precisely apply powder or wire coating in thicknesses between 0.5mm to 3.5mm.

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Tough parts made tougher. Pazmac offers an in-house gas nitriding system which ensures that your components are as tough as you need. Our large capacity computer controlled system and highly skilled personnel can process your parts precisely to your custom specifications.

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